Not every film has the potential to attract the Audience by its title, but few can succeed in it. Tubelight, the upcoming Romantic-Comedy is a classic  example on this. Directed by debutante Indra, the film ‘Tubelight’ is produced by ‘Ostrich Media Productions’. “It took almost a decade to make my dream come true till i met my producer Mr.Ravi Narayanan. He liked my script which I had prepared ages before and that’s how the project kick-started…” starts Indra, the Director and the Protagonist of the film ‘Tubelight’ with a gentle smile.

Indra an engineer by profession is inspired by World-Class legends Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson and Jackie Chan. “My all-time dream is now blooming out through Tubelight. I feel the title should blend with the character and the story and hence I have gone for ‘Tubelight’. We also heard that Bollywood ‘Macho Man’ Salman khan is suggesting the same title ‘Tubelight’ for his upcoming film. It might be a mighty coincidence but atleast iam glad our thought process are in the same boat…” says Indra with tongue in cheek smile.

“An imperfect man falling in love with a lovely girl with a crazy doctor playing the card between the man and his  love is the one line story of our film ‘Tubelight’. The script was a non-linear type, so filming was a bit tough and adventurous. It was a pleasure for me to work with Pandiarajan sir who has done an amazing role in this movie and I assure that Tubelight would be a Visual treat for the audience…” says and signs-off Indra, the Director-come-Hero of the film ‘Tubelight’. While Dhiya plays the female lead in Tubelight, bunch of young talents Praveen Prem, Vinoth, Bujji Babu and Ramya Shankar plays the pivotal roles in the film.

Only few films have the capability to capture Audiences’ attention right from its day one. One among them is Arun Vijay Starrer ‘Kuttram 23’. With the weighty script of Director Arivazhagan and weighty artists, the film Kuttram 23’s second look poster was unveiled by Actress Trisha today at 4.30 pm. 

Called as ‘Vetrimaran ACP’, the second Poster of Kuttram 23 was released by Trisha in her twitter page. It is no doubt that Kuttram 23, Produced by Aarthi Arun under the banner ‘In Cinemas Entertainment (ICE) and jointly with Inder Kumar of Redhan - the Cinema People, will portray Arun Vijay in a different dimension.

Every man as a boy would have encountered this term ‘Yenda Thalaila Yenna Vekkala’ in their life at least once. This Question is the first division barrier between the control seeking parents and freedom seeking son .Bringing back those good-old memories, a new film titled ‘Yenda Thalaila Yenna Vekkala’   has been evolved and ready to hit the screens very soon.  Composer - Singer A.R.Raihannah has chosen this unique script to mark her presence as a Producer under the Banner ‘Yogi & Partners’. It is to be noted that the film is co-produced by her friends Subha and Vasugi. Written and Directed by Debutante V.Vignesh Karthik, the film ‘Yenda Thalaila Yenna Vekkala’ has new face Azar and ‘Soodhu Kavvum’ fame Sanchitha Shetty in the lead in which Yogi Babu, Mansoor Ali Khan, Muthuraaman (vazhakku en 18/9 fame), Uma padmanaban, Eden ( irukku aanaa illa fame), Singapore Deepan, Ramar (Vijay Tv), Dr.Sharmili and Archana (Vijaytv)plays the pivotal roles.

Emerging as a best entertainer, the film ‘Yenda Thalaila Yenna Vekkala’ has a bunch of talented technicians that includes Music director A.R.Raihannah, Editor Prem Kumar (Kuttram Kadidhal), Cinematographer Vamshidharan, Art Director Murugan (Gethu, Maan Karate) and Dance Choreographer Kalyan Master. It is also to be noted that Abhay and Saindhavi has crooned for the upcoming Fantasy-Comedy ‘Yenda Thalaila Yenna Vekkala’.

“Our hero fails to apply oil for his head and because of that he falls in a trouble. What is that trouble and how the hero handles that trouble, is the one-liner of our film ‘Yenda Thalaila Yenna Vekkala’. There is a very interesting factor in our film ‘Yenda Thalaila Yenna Vekkala’.  The scenes that the audiences are going to watch after intermission are completely fresh and new to Tamil cinema. I am quite sure that those scenes are cannot be seen in any other national or international movies…” says V. Vignesh Karthik, the Director of the Film ‘Yenda Thalaila Yenna Vekkala’.

A.R.Raihannah with an accumulated experience is stepping into Production with this fantasy-comedy ‘Yenda Thalaila Yenna Vekkala’ through her production company ‘Yogi & Partners’.  
“Though our ‘Yenda Thalaila Yenna Vekkala’ Hero Azar is a new face, his Hardwork and Dedication level to the character is extremely high and that acted as a great support for our entire film. Azar has got the potentiality to grasping things very easily and we are quite sure that ‘Yenda Thalaila Yenna Vekkala’ film will acts a milestone in the smart youngster’s cinema career. Our film ‘Yenda Thalaila Yenna Vekkala’ has a particular sequence in which we have laughed-out-loud to the extreme and I am pretty sure that the Audience will also experience the same…” says A.R.Raihannah, Producer of the film ‘Yenda Thalaila Yenna Vekkala’ with confidence.

We all know that Tuticorin, the ‘Pearl City’ is well known for its long grown Palm trees and Pearls, but how many of us know that Tuticorin also has the best cricket players, which will be proved by the forthcoming ‘Tamilnadu Premier League- 2016’.  It is to be noted that ‘Albert’ (Theatre) Muralidharan has secured the ownership rights of the Tuticorin team - ‘TUTI Patriots’. While Mrugang Desai acts as the Team Mentor, J.R.Madanagopal - former ‘Ranji Trophy’ player is roped in as team’s coach.

We can notice that the Cricket-Fever has spread out throughout the country. Starting from the streets to School grounds, the space is filled with cricket lovers. “Not only Chennai, the Whole South belt of Tamilnadu has more enthusiastic spirit in the eleven men game. There are two main factors plays a major role in South region people’s day-to-day life..One is Cinema and the other one is Cricket..Cricket, the unexplored beauty of Tuticorin fosters team-spirit. The game is played between two teams and not between two individuals. The game can be won only if all the members of the team put all their efforts in one direction. That much value is given by the potential game Cricket. Spreading the importance of cricket to nook and corner is our main motto and that’s why we have stepped in ‘Tamilnadu Premier League- 2016’ We are very much delighted to be a part of Promoting Cricket…’says ‘Albert’ Muralidharan confidently. Hailing from Tuticorin, Albert Muralidharan has a special reason for naming their team as ‘Tuti Patriots’. “We all know that Tuticorin is the birthplace of many brave hearts who fought for our freedom. Veerapaandiya KattaBomman, Bharathiyar, V.O.Chidambaranar, Vaanjinaathan, ‘Puli’ Devan, ‘Veeran’ Sundarlingam are few among them. In the memory of many brave patriots, we have named our team as ‘Tuti Patriots. It’s a tribute…” says the owner of ‘Tuti Patriots’ team, ‘Albert’ Muralidharan.

“Not only for Tuticorin, Our ‘Tuti patriots’ acts as the common team for Tirunelveli too. I have larger hope that the people and Cricket Audience of Tuticorin and Nellai will give their full support for u. Audience can follow us on our official twitter account @TUTI_PATRIOTS for more updates and info..” says and signs-off ‘Albert’ Muralidharan confidently. It must be said that the logo of ‘Tuti Patriots’ which is designed with Palm leaves, Pearl, Soil, Ship and Sea acts as the pride-emblem for both Tuticorin and Tirunelveli districts. 
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