Technosummit is an opportunity for a national gathering of budding engineers provided by the prestigious Sathyabama University. Two days of innovative events, designed to bring out the hidden talents in students in various fields, are planned. 

Events such as Spell Bee, Parliamentary Debate and Twist in the tale will bring out your communication and vocabulary talents whereas Game of thrones, Digit Fidget and      
Da Vinci Decoded will highlight your mathematical skills. Budding designers can unleash their creativity in events such as Connections, Game of Boards and Prototype Habitat. 

Aeronautical club presents events such as Make it, don't break it, fly my quad, Computer geeks- Here's what is in store for you- Maker Party, Hackathon, Debugging Nature lovers can participate in Eco market, Eco Quiz.  Amateur scientists can showcase their talents in Labyrinth, Science Catechism, Escape plan and CSI Agent.  

Design and exhibit the abilities of your robot in R C Racing, Aqua bots. The Racers and Automobile fanatics, we have some stuff for you too. RC Car racing, auto workshop, dismantling and assembling an engine. Here's what will attract the attention of core engineers – dream design, find it fix it, repair workshop and assembly bicycle drive. All in all, the university promises guaranteed knowledge and learning through fun experiences.

Ms. Ranjani Manian, Founder Global Adjustments gave a wonderful talk on Emotional Intelligence for the young adults. The talk was given on the first day 3rd September 2015. A training by Ramon Llamba, Life Coach, Founder, Golden Age Transformation on grooming for the participants. 

Our university has 14 clubs, both technical and non technical. Students who have particular interests enrol in any of these clubs. Technosummit is a coming together of all these clubs. The clubs in our university are: Literary Club, Maths Club, Science Club, Tamil Club, Auto Club, Encore Club, Community Development Club, Eco Club, Rotaract Club, Robotics Club, Computer Science club, Entrepreneur Development Club, Aero Club, Design Club.




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